On the way to work I was listening to a podcast which I started doing every day. It takes me almost an hour and half one way so I figured, instead of listening to the radio I would listen to business podcasts that would help educate me and not just make me a better person in general but a better business owner. In this particular podcast the statement "Challenging the status quo" came up. As I have been marinating this in my brain the past few days I began to think about my awesome childhood, teenage years and just my entire life in general. When it came to school, jobs or whatever it was I always wanted to do things differently and thinking back even though I was not consciously doing it I was always wanting to be at the center of attention. During class I would try to make jokes and be the class clown, after school was out for the day instead of doing my homework I wanted to be out with friends and do things my way. My parents would tell me all the time you are a smart kid and I would respond back I know I am smart I do not need to prove that to anybody else. For my entire childhood, and even from my teenage years into my adult years that was my attitude I was challenging the status quo.

Now wait a minute Glen. You were challenging the status quo? I bet that is what you are thinking and wanting to ask me right now is it not? Well that is exactly the question I started to ask myself as I moved into adulthood and actually beginning to absorb knowledge and understanding. I began to question my own past actions and wonder why in the world did I take that approach as a kid. In an overall sense and bluntness I was a kid and I was stupid and not very bright. You could say I was too smart for my own good. As entrepreneurs we are always questioning and thinking about better ways something can be done. It does not matter where we are at whether it is in our homes or we are at the park or at the mall we have ideas constantly flowing and churning in our brains because we are different. We function differently. We think differently and if something is not working for us we seek out better ways.
Think back to your own childhood. Did you feel like you fit in? Did you feel out of place? Even though you had friends and family who loved and supported you did you still feel like you were just not one of them? Did you feel guilty or ashamed because of it? Did you feel isolated?
Now think about, as an adult what is your perspective, as you look back on those years? Are you still struggling? Guess what?! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
Embrace that. You status the Challenge Quo every single day. You are making a difference in your own way and that is awesome. No its freaking incredible!
YOU challenge the status quo, actually challenge the status quo unlike I was doing when I was a kid. Begin to learn to appreciate that quality in yourself. Take advantage of every opportunity that you can. When all your friends and family are saying that it cannot be done plus you are getting resistance from everything possible Use that to fuel your fire. When there is a will there is a way. However be smart about it. Continually drink from the pool of knowledge and implementation. Adapt when necessary and last but not least don't be hard on yourself when you make a mistake or when your plans do not go as expected. Your Journey is your own and it won't always go perfectly but what is most important is that you are moving forward in your own way and being true to who you are. That is enough for this time around. Now get out there. Challenge The Status Quo and of course Express Yourself.