I would be lying if I told you that I have always been able to control my emotions. I would also be lying if I tell you I have mastered the art of self control. Emotions are tricky. Would you agree? As Babies we had one emotion and that was to cry no matter what is going on and the parents/adults had to interpret that cry until they figured out what we were so frantic over.

Now us as the adult has so far experienced a wide range of emotions. We have laughed, we have cried, we have even experienced anger and frustration which led us to say or do things that we always regret either immediately or a short time later. The biggest poison in any relationship is allowing the nasty beast they call rage leap out and take charge. So let me share 5 Tactics To Control Your Emotions and Keep Your Anger In Check
1. Stop hanging around negative people
2. Show love and understanding
3. Stop making it all about you
4. Listen to podcasts of positive influencers
5. Excercise
It has been proven time and time again that those you hang around and interact with the most have the biggest impact on you whether thats a negative or a positive impact. Those that are so hyped up and are constantly pushing the negative don't spend your precious time with them. That can be tough when its your closest friends and family. It wont be easy but you will notice a change and switch of power in your mind that will be the first tactic to helping you keep your emotions in check.
The next tactic to keep your emotion in check is to show love and understanding to those around you. We all are battling our own demons and we have no idea what those around us are battling. With that being said the next time your rage starts to appear for a minor thing more than likely, think about the fact of how you would want someone to react to you if you were going through a tough time. I guarantee you that will change your outlook.
That brings me to the next tactic to control your emotions and eep your anger in check. Stop making it all about you. Dont tell me you haven't been because its in our human nature to make it all about ourselves. Shift the focus from you onto your higher purpose and adding value to those you interact with on a daily basis. Make it about them. Use your skills and talents to help them. In doing that your or pent up anger will subside and you will forget about your own problems. When I first experienced true loss I went from wanting to be around others and help to all about me. Long story short I ended up poisoning great friendships, my GPA suffered the rest of my college career and I quit jobs that probably could have helped me get things back on track but because I had one goal in mind and that was to plow through with my eyes down and say forget everyone else. Its not until I looked up and began to see the bigger picture that I was able to get back to not being so angry and being able to control my emotions.
Now that you have shifted your focus off of you, your next powerful tactic to control your emotions is listening to podcasts of positive influencers. There is something special when you are listening to a podcast and you hear someone tell a similar story or struggle to yours. For me it has diffused me many times and having a constant flow of positivity entering your brain keeps your anger far from your mind, keeping your mind clear allowing you to make better decisions.
Last but not least Excercise and eat as healthy as you can. You might think this is crazy and it doesn't work but I promise you that when you are healthier and in your own shape for your body type it will make you more confident. When you are more confident in your own body and who you are as a person it empowers you to keep your emotions and anger in check.